UK Jazz Services survey of Needs of the Jazz Community

UK agency Jazz Services is currently running a survey. From their email:

“The first initiative is the first-ever survey of the ‘Needs of the Jazz Community’ and gives everybody from musician, promoter, attenders, youth orchestras, educators, organisations – in fact the whole jazz scene – a chance to have their say. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinions on the needs of the jazz community through an online survey hosted on our website.

“The purpose of the exercise is to ascertain the needs of the UK jazz constituency, which will strengthen our case for the equitable treatment of jazz in the UK and inform funding bodies, potential sponsors, Parliament and Government on what is required to continue to develop a healthy jazz scene.

“By completing the survey you’ll be helping to address those needs and ensure that the jazz scene in the UK continues to grow, develop and maintain its vibrancy in the light of public sector cuts and an historical imbalance in the public funding of jazz. It also helps us map the demographic of the scene and enable us to better understand our audience and those we’re trying to help.”

The survey is accessible here:

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