Some highlights of the conference

Ronald Radano keynote

The Rhythm Changes conference has come to a close, and this website is now full of excerpts, photographs, video and audio recordings of the event. Not just the panel sessions and keynotes, but also some of the conversations, the music and the context as well.

There’s a lot more to read, look at, watch and listen to if you go back through the blog (start here and just keep scrolling), but I thought it might be nice to compile a few pieces together into this one post – just to give you a flavour of what went on.

Tin Men and the Telephone - live


Tin Men and the Telephone perform ‘De Bal’ in the opening concert at the Bimhuis

Ronald Radano keynote


Listen to Ronald Radano’s keynote in full.

Rashida Braggs talks about nationalism, internationalism and universality in jazz

Tim Wall


Tim Wall discusses his paper about Under Milk Wood

Alan Stanbridge talks about his paper on national identity in jazz

Kristin McGee


Kristin McGee explains her paper on Kyteman

Haftor Medboe talks about his experience as a transnational artist

Conference dinner

Dinner at Bird Thai restaurant

Anne Dvinge’s question to Rashida Braggs and Kristin McGee

Lucian's poster presentation


Lucian McGuinness explains his poster presentation about Australian Jazz

Watch Bruce Johnson’s keynote in full

The Thin Red Line perform ‘Every Time It Rains’

Tony Whyton reflects on the conference

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