NL Real Book pilot well under way

The first collection of 50 titles of the NL Real Book will be launched this July at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Together with MCN Publishing and MCN Jazz, Rhythm Changes is working on the publication of an online, and possibly iPad-ready publication of jazz works composed in the Netherlands. We intend to add about 100 titles per year. Eventually, the NL Real Book will give a broad overview of jazz written in the Netherlands. We have a number of objectives:

– Make historic and artistic important material available and visible

– Facilitate the performance of Dutch jazz compositions

– Facilitate research, analysis, and education

The editorial board consists of:

Walter van de Leur (Editor in Chief); Professor of Jazz and Improvised Music (University of Amsterdam and Conservatory of Amsterdam) and senior researcher Rhythm Changes

Maarten van der Grinten (Editor); Guitarist, composer and main subject teacher (Conservatory of Amsterdam)

Michael Moore (Editor); Reed player, composer and main subject teacher (Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen)

Davo van Peursen (Publisher); Head MCN-Publishing

Sophie Bluss (Publicity); Projectleader MCN-Jazz

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