Europe Jazz Network Report

Europe Jazz Network has recently published an evaluative research study of its membership. Two documents have been published – an executive summary document outlining the main findings from the research, and an extensive research study displaying both qualitative and quantitative data on the network and its membership. As a member of the research steering group, Rhythm Changes Project leader Tony Whyton was invited to write a foreword for the full report and to share Rhythm Changes’ interviews and case study materials gathered over the last year.

The report provides crucial financial and structural information about jazz organisations across Europe and the report will be used by national agencies, promoters, festivals and policy makers to highlight the impact of jazz in different contexts, as well as the value of collaboration and transnational working.

The report also features case studies on organisations based in our partner countries and showcases the work of Rhythm Changes researcher Christophe de Bezenac’s group Trio VD (who are quoted as part of a case study on the 12 Points! festival. There’s also a photo of the group on page 15!). Over the past year, Christophe was selected to participate in the UK’s Take 5 scheme, and the EJN report includes a case study of the way in which this professional development programme has been extended to the European level.

This is a significant collaborative output for Rhythm Changes and a fantastic example of how Knowledge Exchange is embedded in the research ethos of the project. The full report and Executive Summary can also be downloaded via the EJN website (

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