Call for papers: JRJ special issue on jazz collectives

Call for Papers: Jazz Research Journal special issue on jazz collectives

(Guest-editor: Nicholas Gebhardt)

Globe Unity Orchestra, 1975 by Gerard Rouy

The interdisciplinary Jazz Research Journal invites contributors to a special issue on post-World War II jazz collectives. The aim of this issue is to explore the various ways in which collectives such as the Jazz Composer’s Guild in New York, the A.A.C.M. in Chicago or the Globe Unity Orchestra in Berlin opened up new possibilities for making music and redefining the relationship between jazz musicians and their audiences.

Although not restricted to specific themes, possible topics could include:

  • The collective as social, political, or cultural phenomenon
  • Performance practices
  • The history of specific collectives
  • Community music
  • The relation of improvisation to composition
  • The role of collectives in recording, radio and publishing
  • The artist-audience relationship
  • Organizers and activists
  • The politics of venues
  • The artist-business relationship
  • Collectives and jazz education
  • Theories of collectivity
  • Mobility and cultural exchange
  • Trans-national practices/theories

If you are interested in contributing an essay, interview, or review please email a short proposal to

Deadline for proposals: 4 March 2011

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