Session 18 – Thin Red Line

Sunday 4 September – 12.00-13.15 (Blue Note)
Chair: Michiel Schuijer

Petter Frost Fadnes, Rus Pearson and Paul Hession – Improvisational Architecture: Improvising The Thin Red Line

I want to be an architect, not just a make-up artist” (Simon Rattle)

The overarching structural makeup of improvised music forms the foundation (architectonic framework) within which creative musical thinking takes shape – all within a “live” setting. Improvisation as a technique, approach, and art form is primarily based on the negotiation between the individual musician – the musical thought within the creative mind – and the architectonic setting (real and abstract) that governs (and inspires?) the musician’s specific improvisational choices.

The Anglo/Norwegian trio The Thin Red Line will here give an insight into their own improvisational thinking, and attempt to illustrate their aesthetic approaches both as individuals and as a group. The musicians will talk about the complex and ongoing negotiation between composition (written material), individuals (idiomatic approach/”sound”) and group aesthetics, and attempt to reveal the improvisational architecture of The Thin Red Line.

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