Keynote Speakers

Professor Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson’s work focuses on the history of the modern era as an acoustic phenomenon: the role of sound in the confrontations which generated modernity as mapped through such demarcations as class, gender, nation state and race. Johnson’s full career publication list runs to nearly 400 items, from encyclopedia entries to major reference works including The Oxford Companion to Australian Jazz (Nominated “Outstanding Academic Book. 1988-89” by the academic review Choice), and The Inaudible Music: Jazz, Gender and Australian Modernity (Currency 2000).

Professor Ronald Radano

Ronald Radano’s primary work is that of an Americanist with special interests in cultural theory, race, globalization, popular music and the history of North American black music. He is author and editor of three books, New Musical Figurations: Anthony Braxton’s Cultural Critique (1993), Music and Racial Imagination (2000; co-edited with Philip V. Bohlman) and Lying up a Nation: Race and Black Music (2003), all published by the University of Chicago Press.