NL Real Book

Together with MCN Publishing and MCN Jazz, Rhythm Changes is working on the publication of an online, and possibly iPad-ready publication of jazz works composed in the Netherlands. There are a number of objectives we have:

– To make historic and artistic important material available and visible

– To facilitate the performance of Dutch jazz compositions

– To facilitate and invite research, analysis, and educational goals

The editorial board consists of:

Walter van de Leur (Editor in Chief); Professor of Jazz and Improvised Music (University of Amsterdam and Conservatory of Amsterdam) and Principal Investigator for Rhythm Changes

Maarten van der Grinten (Editor); Guitarist, composer and main subject teacher (Conservatory of Amsterdam)

Michael Moore (Editor); Reed player, composer and main subject teacher (Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen)

Davo van Peursen (Publisher); Head MCN-Publishing

Sophie Bluss (Publicity); Projectleader MCN-Jazz

The NL Real Book was officially launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival, July 2011: