As part of our study of cultural dynamics, the Rhythm Changes team are engaging in studies of jazz within new media settings. We want to explore how a sense of jazz community develops in on-line environments and how experiences of jazz are shared away from traditional cultural and geographical borders. One aspect of this investigation includes a posts page where the project team share ideas, experiences and information and invite comments and contributions from those who are interested in the project.

Link to the Rhythm Changes Posterous.

Think of this as being more like the DVD extras for the project. It’s the behind-the-scenes world of the people involved, their work, their enthusiasms and their interests as they relate to the project. This is where the real work happens – but it’s not the home of the end result. It’s a scrapbook of ideas, notes, photos, video, and conversation that leads to the finished work.

The people, rather than the publications. Process rather than product. Cultural Dynamics at work.

You can also follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/rhythmchanges