Petter Frost Fadnes

I’m a saxophone player, and Director of Studies (jazz) at The Department of Music and Dance, University of Stavanger.

I’ve played regularly since the age of 16, performing within everything from heavy metal to ska, improvised music and jazz. In 1996 I moved to the UK to do a degree in jazz; staying in Higher Education for eight years, ending up with a PhD in Performance in 2004. I’ve been active in and around the vibrant Leeds music-scene for a number of years, and co-founded Leeds Improvised Music Association (LIMA).

A few years ago I moved back to my hometown to work as a freelance musician, while taking up a post at the University of Stavanger. I perform with players from Norway and the UK, and continue to seek “the perfect melody” through eclectic musical approaches. I perform regularly with Kitchen Orchestra, The Geordie Approach, Metropolis and The Thin Red Line.

My main research interest is looking at improvisational processes through musical performance. In other words, I’m keen on picking musicians’ brains by actually playing with them (which is not just an excuse to play – honestly!). My overall mission is to demystify improvisational music making, and reveal the musical thought lurking within the performance.