Nick Katuszonek

I am a drummer working in the area of contemporary improvised jazz. I regularly collaborate with a number of leading improvising musicians, including Matthew Bourne, Petter Frost Fadnes and Christophe de Bezenac.

As part of the Rhythm Changes PhD studentship, I intend to investigate European approaches to performance, focusing on jazz drumming and the hybridisation of style. Using a practice-led research methodology, I will explore the concept of national and transnational sounds in jazz and also want to examine the way in which drumming techniques normally found in commercial settings have found their way into more experimental musical practices. One of my latest projects, for example, is an experiment which links free improvisation within the setting of a pop ensemble, playing pop tunes – Kate Bush meets Derek Bailey!

Over the past few years, I have worked as a lecturer at Leeds College of Music, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students on both jazz and popular music courses. My main interest has been the investigation of advance rhythmic concepts and techniques and the study of rhythm sections working on the cutting edge of Jazz and contemporary Pop/Dance music. These experiences will certainly feed into my work on Rhythm Changes.